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An international investment group whose mission is the successful management of resources to create and develop creative business opportunities and solutions. Our investments generally produce a balance between business, social and economic accomplishment, to equally serve the interest of our end-users. While based primarily in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) region the group is well diversified with over 1700 employees worldwide. Our firm is poised to tackle any project and execute fully the requirements of any of our clients.


Is an issue of great importance to us and a theme that resonates throughout our business. We believe that both the small steps we take to preserve the environment around us will ensure that we leave the planet in great shape for our future generations. All employees of our company and its subsidiaries are encouraged to reuse paper as much as they can before it finally goes into recycling. All our offices use energy efficient lighting, supplemented by natural daylight. Additionally the method we operate our businesses by, is to maximize the use of every resource that passes through our hands from remanufacturing to recycling, from reducing to reusing. We'd like all of our customers to know that just by supporting our products they are helping preserve the environment in a very low impact, highly efficient manner.


Our Company has successfully navigated one of the most tumultuous and volatile marketplaces for nearly three decades. In this time we've seen titans of industry fold and shocking upstarts shoot to the top and go under as bubble after bubble developed and popped. During this time we've consistently grown by two methods; paying close attention to the marketplace, and carefully choosing realms of business that showed promise of growth. Our Board of Directors understand the flexibility and response that is necessary to do well in today's rapid developing Mena region and are very much prepared to capitalize over the long run


Our recruiters are constantly seeking out the brightest and most talented prospects to meet the needs of our ever-growing business. We believe that in order to fully understand our business it is important to absorb the values and the ethics that we stand for and this is the primary reason why the majority of our promotions are from within. In fact more than 40% of our executives started in one of our companies at an entry-level position. To ensure diversity and equal opportunity at all levels we provide routine and extensive training on any sector of our business so that our employees can realize their full potential.

When entering a prospective market we believe that it is important that we invest in our adopted community. We invest in the people as well by hosting job fairs and other activities that encourage the participation of our neighbors. It is of great importance to us to impact the local community in a positive way creating a ripple effect that indirectly benefits all members of the entire region.