Welcome to MZ Holding

MZ Holding is an international investment group whose mission is the successful management of resources to create and develop creative business opportunities and solutions.

Our investments generally produce a balance between business, social and economical accomplishment.

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We Love What We Do

For nearly 30 years, MZ Holding along with its subsidiaries Tatra Middle East, Vallo, Talosa successfully conduct various projects in the fields of.

Mission & Vision

Our Company Goals and Values.

To continue to be a regional leader throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa, dedicated to the highest standards of ethics & integrity, simultaneously maintaining the flexibility to respond to the full wants and needs of our most valuable resource. our customers.

To increase our presence in the MENA region as we spearhead the future of our region by accurately recognizing and responding to shifting trends in the market place. Our sound business decisions will continue to share three (3) characteristics; social, economical and fiscal responsibility. The foundation we have spent nearly three (3) decades building will continue to grow exponentially, as our customers remain our focus.

“Our People are our priority.”

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